Las Vegas Homelessness is a

Community and Legislation Issue

When I moved here to Las Vegas, I saw glitter and gold, people moving quickly intertwined with one another, people of all cultures, making long lasting memories, never to be forgotten or replaced. I was emerged into a fairy tale world made up of all the corners of the U.S, showcasing the monuments that we as Americans cherish because they are a part of history and mean something to us all.

When I moved here to Las Vegas I fell in love. The people were warm and welcoming. Every residential areas I visited looking for a place to call home was where I wanted to be. Las Vegas was updated, classy and homey all at the same time. What I loved most was everyone spoke to you kindly and I knew I was where I always wanted to be.

I was not naive. I understood the treacherous possibilities one could face here, the gambling, the drugs, the fast life style, but that was behind me and I had my mind made up that I was finally going to live my best life, grown up style in the city that stayed open all night. I was home.


One day, I found myself on this congested part of the highway, here in Vegas we call it the Spaghetti Bowl for its twists and turns, a place where the east, west, north and south meet taking you to and away from the strip. It was such an amazing journey and stressful at the same time. It was okay to deal with this, every big city had traffic and if you wanted to get where you were going by way of the freeway, you took it, understanding you would survive; this was just a moment. I made it out, headed to my new apartment but an exit too late. This wrong turn took me to a part of Vegas I had no idea existed. I was on D Street. 


In every other city I have traveled, following the street that would take you back under the freeway always led to the on ramp to help you get back the way of which you have come. This was no different, however, from the looks of the area of town I had just found myself in, I had just hit rock bottom and was no longer in the city I was claiming at every Walmart encounter, every casino slot machine conversation to be had, the perfect city.

This part of town reminded me of my purpose, to assist others who did not have their voice yet so I set out to be of service and the issues here are what I will be sharing so you understand what is needed, what is being done, and how you too can help.

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