Dear True Beginnings,


I would like to say thank you for walking with me through my path of life after incarceration.  Thank you for showing me that there is still a few doors open for people like me.  Thank you for understanding, and pointing me in the right direction.  Thank you for teaching and guiding me and helping me reshape my life.

Thank you.

 My nephew was being released from a year in jail the next week on April 1st.  I believe Vera was an angel sent to Brandon and me to assist him as he transitioned out of jail and back to Hampton.  She has been there for him every step of the journey and even has helped him enter a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Richmond last week.  I strongly believe in what she is doing and the need for these services in our community.

You are a belessing.  God will perform miracles for you and your program.  You have touched many lives.  You choose to reach society's outcast.  You are giving families hope.


Amalie Eleonora

Testimonies from the Community

Thank you so much Mrs. Vera, I am so happy in my new house, with my new job.  I appreciate all of your support.


Ms. Alves

After 33 years I finally get to get on with the life I deserve.


Thanks True Beginnings

Living life on it's own terms, playing the hand I've been dealt - AND WINNING!

— feeling blessed.


I would first give thanks to tha Man upstairs cuz without him i would not had met suck beautiful people. Second i would like to give a big thanks and much love to my big sis Vera Moore at True Beginnings. U have showed and taught me soo much about myself that i didnt even know. U showed me a new path n life and im takin it. Me workin? Now dats a big step fo me. Lol.

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