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Where women come to grow, heal, learn, and build positive futures with their families.

True Beginnings works with local landlords and home owners to provide housing for system impacted women with children through holding master leases for these homeless families. TB has adopted a housing in place model, holding the lease for 1 to 2 years, working with management as a liaison, securing rental payment, property upkeep, and Case Management. TB provides management with quarterly financial reports and the tenant with case management. At the 90 day to end of lease agreement, TB will revisit lease arrangements with management to provide tenant with the opportunity to sign their own lease and management to allow tenant to be a permanent resident on the  property as they have proven their capability to pay rent, be a good tenant, and productive citizen within the community.


TB will pay rent directly to management, the tenant pays rent directly to TB to capture all quantitative data proving tenants trustworthiness. TB provides basic financial and housing needs such as moving costs, administrative fees, deposits, furniture, toiletries, and cooking/food necessities at start up and will aid with rental assistance as necessary; in addition to supplemental mental health/substance abuse assistance and living skills assistance utilizing the cooperation of outsourcing allies. The organization will progressively expand homeless services based upon open availability of resources and the needs of the client.

It is vital to understand that ALL TB clients have the desire to move forward and achieve independent permanent living arrangements.

The Future Housing Campus for System Impacted Women with Children - A 3 year plan

Phase 1 -  3 Story 12 2BD Units TOTAL 12,000 - 15,000 SF

  • 4 units per floor

  • 800-900 SF ea


Phase 2 - 4 PLEX – 3500-5000 SF ea (?)

  • Upstairs  2 Bedrooms (900 SF ea) 

  • Downstairs  one 3 Bedroom (1200 SF)

  • Downstairs  one 2 Bedroom (900 SF)


Office Building - TOTAL 1800 SF

  • 12 employees 

  • 6 Case Managers separate offices 150 SF

  • 2 Intake Workers - Shared office of 250 SF office

  • 1 Manager - 150 SF Office

  • 1 Maintenance - 100 SF


Business Center - TOTAL 2000 SF

  • 2 classrooms - 350 SF ea

  • 1 room of cubicles - 600 SF

  • 1 computer lab - 500 SF

  • 3 Group Specialist Offices - 150 SF ea


Multipurpose building - approximately 900 SF

  • 1 Theater Room - 450 SF

  • 1 Lounge Area - 450 SF


Rec Center / Gym - 17200 SF

  • 2 classrooms - 450 SF ea

  • 2 offices - 150 SF ea

  • 1 open play area - 600 SF

  • Childcare area 1000 SF

  • Library 600 SF

  • Gym Rec - 15000

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True Beginnings is a registered nonprofit, contributions are tax-deductible.

Donations help us provide housing and services at little to no cost to our clients.


True Beginnings does not sell or share any information provided with any third party sources outside of client agreement.