Supporting Homeless Families of Las Vegas

2019 D.I.V.A. Exchange



Every year True Beginnings supports our homeless families by inspiring women in the community to be all they can be while putting their past behind them and reaching for their higher purpose.  There are over 1600 homeless families in Las Vegas alone with thousands of children living in poverty.  In our community, there are so many families that we overlook daily because they are not on the corners with signs in plain view, the parents work and take their children to school just like many of us who are "housed" but because housing is treated as a privilege and not a right, they go to non-conventional places at the end of the day in hopes of their children being safe. True Beginnings works diligently during the year to find forgiving landlords to provide stable permanent housing for these families. This year we are putting the monies toward master leases to house families in homes they otherwise could not afford. We are hoping our community and others will support this mission to see NO FAMILY HOMELESS because of financial difficulties.


The proceeds go toward housing costs, food, and household items.  2015 we raised $1500, 2016 we raised $5000, and this year, 2019, we aim to beat those numbers to make an enormous impact and house 15 to 30 families with moving costs assist them with housing necessities. It is our desire to do better than just stabilizing our families, but to provide them with the skills and guidance toward home ownership that will not only help the families, but also our communities economy. We need your help to make this great.   


What does D.I.V.A mean to US? Great question, so many people have envision a negative connotation when they hear DIVA, but not us at True Beginnings, we believe you are a DIVA if you are a Devoted, Independent, Victorious Achiever, even if you haven't actually fulfilled your dreams, but you have pulled yourself up or are in the process of doing so, you are one of US, and we want to support and encourage you. 


What is a D.I.V.A Exchange? Well, it is a time when women get together and exchange support while networking to build unification and awareness for women in crisis. We gather for lunch, get inspired by dynamic phenomenal speakers and enjoy some social time, mixing and mingling; oh and there's entertainment, while we shop and network, and shop some more. It is truly a life changing experience for all who participate.

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True Beginnings is a registered nonprofit, contributions are tax-deductible.

Donations help us provide housing and services at little to no cost to our clients.


True Beginnings does not sell or share any information provided with any third party sources outside of client agreement.