True Beginnings has a seat at the table on the Continuum of Care (CoC), Housing Navigators, Nevada Homeless Alliance, and Joint Housing committees in Las Vegas, Nevada working towards finding and implementing invoative housing programs whose aim is to house the 30%-60% area median population, defining landlords and best practices to house individuals that fit the criteria under chronically homeless.


True Beginnings began on a mission to bring agencies together to offer wrap around services to homeless system impacted women with children  as a means to an end, to fill the gaps many were falling through due to life circumstances.

TB has been committed to reducing recidivism through providing housing for our women in crisis through successful job placement and classes aimed at changing the mindset of those living with no hope. Established April 5, 2013, as a corporation under Virginia law and now April 15, 2019 under Nevada state, led by Executive Director Mrs. Vera Moore.

TB was established by ex-offender Vera Moore, who found her way back from cognitive dissonance and in realizing she was not alone, she chose to assist with the social and economic needs of other returning citizens and the community as a whole. TB solely provided employment services for four years, touching the lives of 331 clients, 257 successful transitions and two years of successfully housing 45 indigent families, 30% of them women between 2015 & 2016 as it's own True Beginning to lessening the homeless community.

TB was recognized by the Governor of Virginia for its reentry efforts in assisting returning citizens with obtaining their right to vote. TB realizes that transitional housing is not the means to an end, but attaching life skills and providing opportunity attached to housing is the only way to go if the epidemic is ever going to be brought to an end.


Governor Terry McAullife making VA great. We appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you Governor 2016

True Beginnings is working to build a housing campus that does not chose between housing and other services, but instead provides housing first and attaches services that provide stability, independence, support, a safe place to heal, and become a productive citizen for justice involved women with children. By offering a sense of community and safe living space, TB believes whole families will break free from family poverty and incarceration trends giving their children a running start at living their best life.

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True Beginnings is a registered nonprofit, contributions are tax-deductible.

Donations help us provide housing and services at little to no cost to our clients.


True Beginnings does not sell or share any information provided with any third party sources outside of client agreement.